• 14:00-15:00
  • Reactor
  • Workshop Round 2

DNA-sensing chip: from lab to multi-use tool in Agrifood & Health

  • Dr. Han Zendman
  • NYtor

One of the trademarks of photonics involves new diagnosis and treatment routes within healthcare and agrifood.
For example, in food security, produced vaccines in poultry need to be tested extremely careful. VaxChip is such an innovative molecular diagnostic tool to perform multiple tests, detecting an array of pathogens in just one go.

VaxChip is a novel enabling detection technology. Genetic material is detected in a highly sensitive way, using integrated optics on-chip. Above that, future mass production probably will reduce fabrication cost of these highly specialized nanochips, promising affordable future food security tests. VaxChip is a collaboration of NYtor (molecular assay development, Nijmegen), LioniX International (Integrated photonics (PICs)& TriPleX in micro-fluidics & opto-fluidics, Enschede) and Surfix (chip coating & functionalization, Wageningen). A Rocket Feasibility Grand study has been carried out very successfully recently. Together with diagnostic companies, this consortium now is trying to maximize the sensitivity and multiplicity, in order to customize DNA-sensing chips for other diagnostic purposes in Agrifood and Health.

Reflecting the key enabling nature of the VaxChip-platform, the main question of this workshop is: What would be the time-to-market for a DNA-sensors applicable outside the lab-environment, and what is needed for that?

After presenting the main features of VaxChip, speaker Han Zendman (project leader at NYtor, on molecular assay development), looks forward to use this session to explore, discuss and deepen, in an informal setting, the potentiality of technology and business-ideas coming from the audience members.

The workshop is aimed at:
• End-users
• Designers & Engineers
• Researcher & developers

More information:
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