• 14:30-14:55
  • Laser technology

3D micro-texturing and micro-milling using ultrashort pulse lasers

  • Max Groenendijk
  • Lightmotif

Laser micromachning using ultrashort pulse lasers can be used to machine micron-sized features that are not possible to machine using longer pulsed lasers, and they enable machining of a much larger variety of materials.
Applications of micro-texturing include changing the functional properties of a surface, such as friction or wetting properties, or machining decorative surface textures. Micro-milling is used to machine accurately shaped pockets into materials, for example to machine molds, tooling or for machining of small parts.
Recent advances of this technology are presented, together with a 5-axis machining system that was specifically developed for enabling texturing and milling on complex curved surfaces.