• 10:30-11:00
  • Photonics

How to get a lead in your field with Photonic IC technology

  • Meint Smit
  • TU/e

Photonic Integrated Circuits offer a lot of advantages over their non-integrated counterparts: they are more compact and more robust, they can become much cheaper by eliminating a large amount of packaging cost and they offer higher performance. They can be applied with advantage in many fields, like telecom and datacommunications, sensors and metrology, medical diagnostics and automotive. A major barrier for their application are the large upfront investments in equipment and process development, which are prohibitive for most companies. The Netherlands is pioneering an open-access foundry model for Photonic ICs which makes it possible to develop and manufacture Photonic ICs for a variety of applications without large upfront investments. This brings the application of Photonic ICs within reach for many companies. In the presentation an overview of the present status and the potential of the Dutch ecosystem for development, manufacturing and application of Photonic ICs by SMEs and larger companies will be given.