• 10:45-11:05
  • Grand Café
  • Bio/Nanophotonics

Higher Harmonics Generation for Instant Pathology

  • Marloes Groot
  • Vrije Universiteit, Beta Faculteit, afd. Natuurkunde/Laserlab

Successful surgical treatment of cancer depends on a balance between removing as much as possible of the cancerous tissue while minimizing damage to healthy tissue. Currently, surgeons mainly rely on pre-operatively determined tumour positions and intraoperative visual examination to decide on the extent of resection. Unfortunately, this challenges complete removal of cancerous tissue, which leads to recurrence of disease and the need for repeated surgery or additional treatment. In this talk I will show how we develop Second and Third Harmonics Generation (SHG/THG) imaging for non-invasive, real-time, ex-vivo and in-situ optical analysis of tissue in the operating room, augmented by automatic image analysis.