• 14:20-14:40
  • Grand Café
  • Medical

Integrated 4D Tomographic Mouse Imaging from 1eV to 1 MeV

  • Freek Beekman
  • Milabs B.V.

We developed a 4D scanner to -for example- see various functions of neurons and detailed brain vasculature in action, obtain cardiac structure, mechanical parameters and various cell functions in a single scan, and map integrated detailed dynamics of contrast agents, pharmaceuticals and indicators of heterogeneous tumour response. This  integrated imaging platform with A) combined 0.14 mm resolution SPECT & 0.6 mm PET with concurrent multi-tracer and ultra low dose & sub-second dynamic imaging capabilities  B) ultra-high performance X-ray CT and C) Cherenkov, fluorescence & bioluminescence tomography. This highly adaptive and versatile nuclear, optical and structural imaging technologies will be explained along with many scientific applications of world wide users as well as  results of translating our  imaging technologies into clinical imaging.