Photonics Event

19 June 2018  
The Gallery, Enschede, the Netherlands
09.30 tot 19.00 uur
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Welcome at the Photonics Event

Photonics or opto-electronics concerns the interactions between light and electronics. Photonics is acknoweledges as one of the Key Enabling Technologies of the 21st century. The technology enables safer, more reliable and faster production methods in a myriad of industries. At the Photonics event, you will meet designers, developers and users of photonics-based applications, instruments, machines, equipment and services

A united photonics community

The Netherlands is one of the technological frontrunners in photonics. This is why the World Technology Mapping Forum, where the global roadmap for integrated photonics is being drafted, is organised at Twente University. The combination of both events in one week makes Enschede the unique meeing point for photonics in the Netherlands. 

Photonics Event

At the Photonics Event, you will meet reserachers, developers, designers and engineers working in the application and development of photonics. For companies from end markets such as Agriculture, Food, Healthcare, Lifescience or the Hightech Systems sector, it is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the technology, and meet the companies that can assist you in development.

The Photonics Event is organised by Mikrocentrum collaboration with PhotonicsNL
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