Linear Variable Bandpass Filters for Hyperspectral Imaging

DELTA OPTICAL THIN FILM A/S (standnummer: 222)

Delta Optical Thin Film A/S has developed several Linear Variable Bandpass Filters that are specifically designed for Hyperspectral Imaging. Hyperspectral imaging has been used for a couple of decades in applications such as...
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Axxicon hologrammen 2 aangepast V2

Injection moulding Diffractive Optical Elements

AXXICON MOULDS EINDHOVEN B.V. (standnummer: 218)

Axxicon manufactures diffractive optical elements by injection compression moulding. A diffractive optical element (DOE) is an optical component with a micro- or nanostructured surface which can modulate and transform light in a predetermined way....
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Technobis Gator shadow V2

Gator system based on Photonic Integrated Circuits for extreme fiber sensing


Leading provider of EXTREME fiber sensing systems, Technobis is launching its new product family for fiber sensing based on Integrated Photonics, i.e. Application Specific Photonic Integrated Circuits (ASPIC). ASPIC technology supports existing and future...
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COPT Center for Organich Electronics


COPT CENTER Organic Electronics (OE) is one of the future technologies. OE promises innovative, energy efficient products like Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) and flexible applications in electronic devices. The use of environmentally friendly...
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OWIS® goniometers GO and MOGO – with new design and in new sizes

OWIS GMBH (standnummer: 245)

The new OWIS® goniometers are obtainable now. The innovations relate to the series 65L and 150. These are available as manual version with the series GO and as motorized version with the series...
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Pre screeningofcancer 1

Pre-screening of cancer

TNO (standnummer: 238)

Optical spectroscopy is a non-invasive diagnostic technique that employs light for quantitative characterisation of tissue optical properties (scattering, absorption, fluorescence), related to morphological, functional and biochemical changes in tissue. Main advantages of optical spectroscopy are:...
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Beam Measurement web

Non-contact Beam Measurement: BeamWatch Adds 3D-Views and Precise Time Charts


The new version of BeamWatch, the only non-contact beam monitoring system offered by Ophir Spiricon Europe, features 3D views of laser beam caustic and ellipticity. BeamWatch charts all beam measurements over time. This...
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StarBright os062315 01hi 1

Ophir Photonics Announces StarBright, Advanced Laser Power/Energy Meter with Mul


Ophir Spiricon presents StarBright, a feature-rich, handheld laser power/energy meter that measures power, single shot energy, repetitive energy, frequency, and beam size for the company’s wide range of thermal, pyroelectric, and photodiode laser sensors....
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Laser Quantum taccor comb white V2

taccor comb: 1GHz spaced frequency comb

LASER QUANTUM (standnummer: 217)

The taccor comb is an extension to the existing successful range of 1GHz taccor lasers, enabling a complete, turn-key frequency comb ideal for a range of diverse applications including metrology and optical clock...
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EA os021816 01hi

Automatically Measure Laser Quality: Ethernet Adapter for OEM Smart Laser System


Ophir Spiricon introduces the EA-1 Ethernet Adapter, a device that connects Ophir’s smart laser sensors directly to an Ethernet bus, no PC connection required. The EA-1 is designed for OEMs who need Ethernet...
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Ion selective sensing

TNO (standnummer: 238)

Ion selective sensing In close collaboration with the Dutch Kidney Foundation TNO has developed an ion selective sensor for inline fluid analysis. The goal of the current work is improving dialysis treatment. For...
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UC Lenses

TECHSPEC® UC Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses

EDMUND OPTICS (standnummer: 202)

Our ultra-compact, TECHSPEC® UC Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses are designed to optimize performance, cost, and size without sacrificing quality or feel. Designed for pixels that are ≤2.2μm, these lenses provide high levels...
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Flame NIR

Ocean Optics Expands Flame Spectrometer Line with Versatile Miniature NIR Spectr

OCEAN OPTICS BV (standnummer: 225)

Ocean Optics has expanded its Flame spectrometer family. Flame-NIR delivers powerful near infrared spectroscopy in a compact, affordable instrument. With a cost about one-fourth that of a traditional NIR system, Flame-NIR pairs a...
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Fastree image004

Imaging sensors

FASTREE 3D (standnummer: 232)

Fastree3D imaging sensors help recognize and measure the distance to fast moving objects in real-time, enabling superior driving assistance or autonomous navigation.
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3D Direct Time Of Flight

3D Direct Time-Of-Flight (ToF) Vision

FASTREE 3D (standnummer: 232)

OUR PRODUCT: FAST, PRECISE, LOWER COST 3D IMAGING SENSORS We provide fast-motion sensing based on 3D imaging at low cost of consumer electronics. The technology relies on the measurement of the time of...
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SPAD Imaging Camera in CMOS Technology

FRAUNHOFER IMS (standnummer: 224c)

The 64 × 32 pixel range imaging camera is based on a single-photon avalanche diode (SPAD) array fabricated in 0.35µm CMOS technology at Fraunhofer IMS. With integrated counters and support for external illuminators...
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