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The taccor comb is an extension to the existing successful range of 1GHz taccor lasers, enabling a complete, turn-key frequency comb ideal for a range of diverse applications including metrology and optical clock precision. The key benefits of the taccor comb include: large comb spacing of 1GHz allowing easy determination of the comb mode index; high achievable power per frequency comb tooth (at 1GHz), approximately 100 times higher than with a conventional 100MHz laser; and a remarkably small footprint to fit into work spaces.
The taccor comb is fully stabilised using the XPS800-E feedback loop electronics and provides an electrical output signal at the carrier-envelope offset (CEO) frequency with at least 40dB signal-to-noise ratio in 300kHz bandwidth. The taccor comb provides the ideal solution for customers who seek to have a comb source with easy access to the visible and NIR spectral range at a high mode power level in a sealed, plug and play architecture.
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