Standnummer: 245

The new OWIS® goniometers are obtainable now. The innovations relate to the series 65L and 150. These are available as manual version with the series GO and as motorized version with the series MOGO. Outstanding are the goniometers of the series 65 with their completely revised design, which is reflected also by new designations: GO 65-40-65 and MOGO 65-40-65. The new goniometers are demonstrably suitable for continuous operation due to the special designed guides. The rotation axis is located at a height of 65 mm. This allows application in the beam handling system SYS 65 as well as SYS 90 and thus supports flexible working. The load capacity of the motorized stage is 50 N and of the manual version 80 N. The series (MO)GO 150-20 has an adjustment angle of ± 10° and offers plenty of space for all kinds of setups. It is designed for a load capacity of 150 N and is suitable to be built up as theta-phi combination – TP 150-20-20-243 in the manual and TPM 150-20-20-243 in the motorized version. As with all OWIS® products the goniometers are "Made in Germany" and of proven OWIS® quality.