Standnummer: 224e

COPT CENTER Organic Electronics (OE) is one of the future technologies. OE promises innovative, energy efficient products like Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) and flexible applications in electronic devices. The use of environmentally friendly production technologies as well as the good recyclability of the products contribute to todays demands on economical and ecological sustainability. The COPT Center represents technology transfer in the area or organic electronics. It is being tailored to the demands of small and medium-sized companies (SME). Due to it‘s central location in North Rhine-Westphalia it allows for short travel times into one of Europe‘s largest industrial regions. The center offers laboratories, a clean room, office space and open-access platforms with extensive scientific and technological equipment on an overall area of 1000 m². The COPT Center for organic electronics is confined to three pillars: our experts know how, the specific technological equipment and the free space for setting up own research upon using of the COPT‘s infrastructure. In the center, organic electronic devices can be fabricated, characterized and integrated into prototypes. The equipment‘s focus is on solution processed methods for fabrication of all typical OE devices such as OLEDs, solar cells and transistors, as well as their encapsulation, characterization and analysis. Furthermore, several vacuum based processes are offered. The construction of basic prototypes can be realized from miscellaneous plastics.