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OUR PRODUCT: FAST, PRECISE, LOWER COST 3D IMAGING SENSORS We provide fast-motion sensing based on 3D imaging at low cost of consumer electronics. The technology relies on the measurement of the time of arrival of reflected illumination from infra-red lasers (direct time-of-flight or ToF) detected by single photon avalanche diodes (SPAD). This provides : • Resolution ( >1.5 mm, 10ps time of single-photon detector – operational resolution >2cm). • Accuracy (operations under bright or dark lighting condition, high signal/noise ratio; interference de-correlation leveraging high frequency pulsed illumination). • Medium Range (>50m, VCSEL arrays or laser with >1W peak power and eye-safe short pulses). • Speed (>300-1000 fps, low blurring of 20m/s motion, no analog light intensity integration). • Low Cost (digital CMOS circuits, consumer electronics and smartphones, low power).