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Ocean Optics is the inventor of the world’s first miniature spectrometer and a global leader in photonics for research, life sciences, quality assurance, education and OEM applications. Ocean Optics’ extensive line of complementary technologies includes spectrometers, chemical sensors, metrology instrumentation, optical fibres and thin films and optics. Recognized as an industry innovator, Ocean Optics has specified and delivered more than 250,000 modular miniature spectrometers and systems throughout the world and has enabled thousands of different applications.

List of working demonstrators in the stand:

  • We examine how spectroscopy is used to detect specific polymers within a mixed stream of plastic materials, making it simpler and more efficient to sort the materials for recycling. Similar techniques can be applied for real-time quality control.

For an appointment at our stand to use the demonstrators, please send us an email.


  • Technology Research & Development
  • Application development
  • Product development
  • Design/engineering equipment
  • Design/engineering manufacturing equipment for components

Technologies of OCEAN OPTICS

  • Optical Metrology
  • Spectroscopy
  • Light sources
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Contact information

Geograaf 24
The Netherlands
Phone number: +31 (0)26-3190500
Contact person: Mr. Henri Tellegen